About Orjin

Two companies operate under the Orjin brand: Orjin Leather and Aydınlı Leather which specializes in manufacturing ready-made fur & suede articles. Orjin Leather was established in 1980. With an export-oriented mindset, Orjin has paved the way for many Turkish companies for international business by establishing a storage and logistics center in Germany. This higher standard of service quality was a rarity at the time as the Turkish businesses were new to the international markets. With the establishment of Aydınlı Leather in 1987 for manufacturing ready-made fur & suede articles, Orjin’s production capabilities and product range expanded.

Utilizing global standards of high quality manufacturing technologies, both companies became leaders in their respective sectors. Today they continue their operations on the principle of unconditional client satisfaction. Orjin Leather and Aydınlı Leather are in a constant effort of innovation and improvement to pursue excellence in their fields.